Tatsuya Aoki

Standard Interview Questions


Tell me about yourself.


I began my career in web design with an offline Flash site and no knowledge of HTML or CSS. Despite those shortcomings, I understood the principles of good design. Discoverability, Learnability, and Delight. With a decade of experience, my skills have evolved along with the technology. Consistently focused on improving the user experience, I've worked with an interdisciplinary team of researchers, developers and project managers to apply design-thinking to deliver products to market.


What are your strengths?


My willingness to take on the tasks that everyone, including myself, would rather avoid. Beyond getting it done, I will do it with a high degree of craftsmanship. Want to know more?


What are your weaknesses?


Business Acumen. We are in a remarkable time for the design industry. There are multiple instances of design-led businesses creating value for customers that were ignored by established institutions. As a designer, I should continue that momentum. To do that, I need to speak the language of executives. Lets discuss.


What motivates you?


Core Values, One of which is Achievement. Where am I now compared to last year and what steps do I take to move that needle forward.


If you were an animal, which one would you want to be?


A Raven. Most animals can solve complicated problems through trial and error, but Ravens have an innate ability to work out those problems in their head. They are also known to call on other animals for assistance. Want to know why?

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