Due to an ill-conceived blind date, I landed a job at a startup designing Flash websites for the automotive industry. Despite having zero experience in web, I managed to acclimate myself with the fundamentals: Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V. Started from designing button states to header templates to Actionscripting fully custom sites. At one point we managed 65% of all automotive dealership websites across the continental US.

As with any startup that's dominating the competition, one of three things can happen. 
1. The company gets acquired by a larger entity. 
Which is what happened, so I have no idea what the 2nd and 3rd could have been. 

Around the time Steve Jobs announced he's killing Flash, our new parent company assimilated us into our HTML counterpart. I was the only designer to make that transition. I worked remotely from NYC to Seattle as the UX/UI designer for their R&D team of 6. We produced advanced tools and platforms which helped us win over our biggest client, GMC. 

I left the company following a reorganization due to a corporate spinoff. I am currently seeking a full-time position as a UI/UX Designer in NYC. 
Thank you!
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